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Kittens, Drunken Photos and Other Ill-Advised Rental Pics

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Left kitten: <a href="">Larah McElroy</a>. Right kitten: <a href="">Digital Nomad</a>. Background: <a href="http://atlanta.craigslist.
Left kitten: Larah McElroy. Right kitten: Digital Nomad. Background:

If Craigslist were a real place, you wouldn't go there without an armed guard and prophylactics aplenty. There'd be unimaginable treasure just sitting on the curb, waiting to be claimed... but also quite a few people having knife fights. You'd be able to rent a sweet penthouse with crazy amenities for a bargain price but might also end up paying three grand a month for a sex dungeon that just happens to photograph well. Fortunately for all of us, the land of Craigslist exists only online so its oddities can be explored from the safety of our shiny screens. Here are some fantastic/disturbing finds available for rent right now in Atlanta.

↑ Tiny houses and living small are all the rage right now. The concept of ditching all your unnecessary belongings and settling into a tidy little space with only the essentials sounds very freeing. The whole thing brings to mind images of innovative storage and spaces straight out of an IKEA catalog. Unfortunately, this "very tiny," "long and narrow," "dorm sized" basement studio looks anything but liberating. In fact, the listing is just picture after picture of the same sad bottle of apple cider vinegar and piles of clutter taken from various angles. Just know this: If you want to move into this $475 Lake Claire mini studio, "recycling is a must."

↑ This "spectaculr" Sandy Springs six-bedroom is asking $3,750 a month and this is the sort of photography the listers felt warranted that price. If nothing else, you have to credit them for the sheer number of fails involved: Pics that appear to have been taken by someone who was not only very drunk but also in the process of falling to the floor as the shutter went off; pics that appear to have been Instagram filtered to within an inch of their lives; pics of mirrors taken with a flash, revealing a shadowy photographer figure and, of course, good old-fashioned blurfests. Well done, Spectaculr residence. Well done.

↑ Sometimes, you've got to do what you've got to do to make your listing stand out amongst the crowd. This Forest Park apartment building used an adorable kitten frolicking in the flowers as the main image for its listing. The message is ambiguous. Is she acting as a spokeskitten, saying, "This property is worthwhile! Move on in!" Are renters given a cat upon move in? Or is it a sinister "Rent this home or the kitten bites it" situation? Regardless, it is the most appealing photo of the set... and there are less advisable opening photos (#femalerommate) to use.

↑ Craigslist ads are not always known for their honest approach. This Decatur one-bedroom's headline boasts, "You ought to see your well maintained brand new home!" And maybe you should, but this sure ain't it. If the images shown depict a "brand new" home, the designer has some mighty strange sensibilities.

↑ This 850-square-foot downtown apartment is a multi-taskers dream come true. Never again will you worry about whether to cook dinner or do laundry first. Do both — in the same place!

↑ The Craigslist gold never ends. Here we find a "large room for rent" in Stone Mountain for $150.
"Sounds reasonable. Can we see it?"
"Here's my truck."
"Yeah, sure, that's nice, but can we see the room?"
"Here's another angle on my truck. Pretty, huh?"
"Ummm, yes. The room?"
"There's a toilet. No toilet paper. You've gotta buy that yourself."
"Fair enough. What about the large room?"
"Want to see the toilet again?" No. "It's got a closet too."
"Sigh. There is no room, is there?"