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Proposed Multi-Use Tower could Beef up Midtown Skyline

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[Renderings via Midtown Alliance.]
[Renderings via Midtown Alliance.]

A new tower proposed for the northern reaches of Midtown could go a long way toward elongating the central city's skyline. The Simpson Organization has pitched two separate buildings for the northeast corner of Peachtree and 17th streets, the current site of three commercial buildings and a pocket park — and not the vacant lot owned by Dewberry Capital across the street. According to the Midtown Alliance, the proposal is about as mixed-use as they come: An 11-story building would house 190,000 square feet of office space, with retail at street level; next door, a true skyrise would offer 206 "luxury apartment units" and a 140-room hotel, along with multiple amenity spaces and a café at the corner. That building would be roughly 42 stories, judging by available renderings, and likely the tallest built in Midtown since the 47-story The Atlantic across the interstate, which is Atlanta's 13th tallest building.


The Simpson Organization brought its plans before a Midtown Development Review Committee last month. Committee members requested more specifics regarding "elements impacting the street-level experience, including façade materials, parking screening, signage and a proposed plaza space along Peachtree Street," according to the Midtown Alliance.

Also, the committee advised the development team to present their plans to the Ansley Park Neighborhood Association before coming back for a follow-up review. Probably a wise move, given that some Ansley residents could lose a little privacy if the skyrise comes to fruition.

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