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$1.7M Mediterranean has Crazy Gardens, Mystery Interior

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Usually when listing a multi-million dollar home, you highlight some of the more glamours interior features. But a 4,116 square-foot "Mediterranean inspired villa" in Piedmont Heights is apparently all about those plants. Listing photos for the property, located around the corner from Fatt Matt's Rib Shack, show off the winding driveway flanked by flora, a miniature pool on the side of the house and, most adorably, two teddy-bear topiaries. When the home manages to make an appearance, it's like fifty shades of beige, with tall stucco walls, limited fenestration and a giant parking pad. According to the listing agent, there are exotic hardwood floors and a chef's kitchen in the home, along with three bedrooms and three-and-1/2 bathrooms. But you'll just have to trust them on that one, and that could present a problem. For $1,690,000, it might take a few interior shots to attract all but the botanically inclined buyer.

· 511 Rock Springs Rd [Zillow]