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The Only House For Sale in Cabbagetown Isn't Selling

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Is it hyperbole to suggest a home that's been on the market for less than two weeks has a fatal flaw? Maybe. But maybe not when that property is literally, truly the one and only single-family house for sale in Cabbagetown at the moment. Built in 1920, with three bedrooms and a single bathroom (ouch), the house isn't perfect by any stretch, but the asking price — $314,900 — hardly smacks as exorbitant right now. It's got that crooked-window charm, old floors that practically creak (charmingly) through the listing photos and a sizable backyard with views of Cabbagetown's namesake park. The dual-sided fireplace — which some renovator will almost surely make a standalone stack of bricks between two rooms — is an authentic touch, too. And yet she's languished on the market for an eternal 10 days. Okay, so most buyers would probably find the kitchen shriek-worthy, but it appears to be at least functional for the time being. Ditto for the backside addition. But when you're one of kind, shouldn't demand trump those things?

· 679 Kirkwood Ave. SE [Zillow]