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After a Year, Still No Buyers for Glorious Midtown Victorian

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This old gal in the heart of Midtown is set in her ways. As of this month, she'll have been on the market for a year, yet the asking price has budged a mere $25,000. That's a miniscule discount for a $1.47 million home, but then again, this is a special property, and though it's stood on 6th Street since 1891, the sellers are just the second owners. The price-per-square-foot breakdown is $237, and it's tough to find comps in the immediate vicinity, because most million-dollar properties are much smaller than this six-bedroom, Victorian throwback of more than 6,200 square feet. It's a niche market willing to pay these bucks for something this old-world and ornate, but perks do abound here. Note the modernized kitchen that looks as pristine as it is large, the abundance of quintessentially Southern porches, the "secret garden," the four-car garage and carriage house. The wallpaper and general ornamentation, while appropriate in this context, would be a major turnoff for many. And maybe the historical-society vibe is a detriment these days. In any case, sightseers beware: viewing this grande dame requires a private appointment.

· 215 6th St. NE []