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$270K Downtown Loft Beckons Buyers to Get Luckie

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At 123 Luckie Street lofts downtown, the building with Ted's Montana Grill on the first floor and the actual Ted in the penthouse (correction: that building is actually across the street), we find this upgraded two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo asking $270,000. The greatest perk here might be the Walk Score of 94, which is astronomical by Atlanta standards and a bona fide "Walker's Paradise" on the all-knowing, algorithmic walkability-o-meter. The square footage (1,312) is more than condo hunters will find in hotter parts of town these days, but the style isn't without quirks. To wit: exposed ductwork, multiple barn doors on suspended tracks and questionable backsplash diamonds. Positives include the SieMatic cabinets, the Tabernacle views and rooftop deck. The listing name-drops the Atlanta Streetcar (it stops one block away), tells us twice that the HOA is "strong" and "healthy" (without saying what the HOA fee is) and beckons Georgia State University faculty, students and downtown professionals. The proximity to Ted must count for something, too.

· 123 Luckie St. Unit 2309 [Estately]

The Tabernacle

152 Luckie Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 404 659 9022 Visit Website