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Construction Launches on Reynoldstown's Latest Modern

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[Renderings, view pictures via CFYC Home Improvement.]
[Renderings, view pictures via CFYC Home Improvement.]

Reynoldstown is no stranger to contemporary standalone houses and duplexes, and another new build along the Beltline's future route is planning to join those ranks by this fall. Trees have been removed and construction is under way on a modern residence with a fairly primo location — the corner of Chester Avenue and Wylie Street, which the Eastside Trail will one day traverse before hanging a right toward Memorial Drive. Records show the builder, CFYC Home Improvement, scooped up the lot for $150,000 in December, and signs at the site promise it'll be available by this fall. Beyond the Beltline access, the home is touting "unobstructed skyline views" from both a rooftop deck and the second floor. No word yet on pricing. For a tour of other modern residences in the vicinity — some of which have stood for years — head over this way.

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