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Presenting ATL's Most Comprehensive Transit Map of All Time

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We're all used to the MARTA map: a simple rainbow-colored plus sign with two extra lines hanging off a bit. But Curbed reader Jason Lathbury has sent along a map he devised that can only be described as comprehensive. Using the existing MARTA map as his base, Lathbury illustrates a network with two additional train lines, light rail lines, a built-out streetcar network, 10 commuter rail lines extending to the outer reaches of the metro, GRTA bus service criss-crossing the region and connections to Amtrak for journeys outside of Atlanta. And what's more, most lines run along existing infrastructure or have been proposed in the past. As an added bonus, he's even designed the commuter trains — as in, the actual train cars. While cool to think about, the cost to build these plans would far eclipse the already outlandish $8 billion wishlist of the transit agency. Check out the details after the jump.

Lathbury's proposal includes a wide range of transit forms, some building from existing systems:

MARTA Heavy Rail
The Red Line is extended along Georgia Hwy. 400 from North Springs to Windward Parkway, as per the Connect 400 initiative.

The Gold Line is extended from Doraville to Gwinnett Place.

The Green Line is extended from Indian Creek to Stonecrest Mall, with express trains from Indian Creek to Avondale and Avondale to Georgia State.

The Blue Line is extended from Hamilton E. Holmes to Adamsville.

A Northern Arc is added to the Blue Line, connecting the new station at Adamsville in the west to Indian Creek in the east, following the Interstate 285 top-end right-of-way.

A new line, the Grey Line, is added to connect Kennesaw State University to Arts Center Station via Atlantic Station and SunTrust Park, following the Cobb Parkway right-of-way. Cue laughter.

An additional line, following the new trackage of the Northern Arc and Grey Line, provides east-west access on the north end from Gwinnett Place to Kennesaw State.

Light Rail
The Clifton Road Corridor is completed as the Purple Line, connecting Lindbergh Center to Avondale Station.

A complete build-out of the more than 50 mile proposal for the Atlanta Streetcar, serving much of the city and the Beltline, is included. With inter-connectivity to MARTA, of course.

Commuter Trains
Ten new commuter rail lines, billed as "Peach Lines" would involve cooperation of GRTA and MARTA in running commuter trains in much the same way GRTA co-operates eXpress buses with GCT and CCT. According to Lathbury, the lines follow all routes currently planned by GDOT.

GRTA Buses
Under Lathbury's plan, GRTA would continue to operate eXpress buses along all current corridors, layering on top of train service to close non-peak service gaps. All planned GRTA expansions would actually happen, and further eXpress services would be established along highways and large arterial roads, moving between transit centers/nodes with limited stops at non-node employment and residential clusters.

Inter-City Service
To shuffle Georgians around outside of the metro, Lathbury proposes GRTA run statewide intercity trains according to their current plans. Which would be roughly as difficult as teaching pigs to jump over houses.

Amtrak Service
Finally, to connect the state to the entire region, the proposal calls for added train service according to the NARP Plan. Peachtree Station would remain as the Crescent's station, while the Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal would serve trains from Evansville to Jacksonville, Evansville to Savannah and Montgomery to Charleston. Additionally, Amtrak stations would be added at the end of the GRTA/MARTA commuter lines to form a seamless network of connectivity. You know, like Europe.

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