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Letters to The Editor

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A reader we'll call "Concerned in Buckhead" writes in with what he says is disconcerting news: His high-end building, Mezzo apartments in South Buckhead, could institute new parking fees of $100 monthly per car to generate new revenue, according to Concerned. "I cannot think of any building besides the one in (Buckhead Atlanta) that charges for parking," he writes. "$1,200 a year to park a car seems crazy in Atlanta." Beyond the possible parking fees, Concerned describes his renting experience as "mostly great" but wonders, like us, if this pay-for-parking approach is an isolated thing or a trend? Inquiries have been placed with Mezzo management, and we'll post any updates if they come. UPDATE: Apartment Investment and Management Company (Aimco), the owner of Mezzo Apartment Homes, has weighed in. The following statement is from Cindy Lempke, Aimco Director of Communications: "Providing excellent service to our residents is our top priority at Mezzo Apartment Homes. We give careful consideration to any fees charged to our residents and determine our policies based on industry practices and local market conditions. The monthly parking charge takes effect when residents renew their lease and we have made them aware of this 75 days in advance. We are finding that most residents understand the value of parking in the City and many take advantage of nearby public transportation given Mezzo's convenient location."[Mezzo rendering:]