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Groovy Performance Venue Announced for Braves Project

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Even if baseball isn't your thing — or if the Braves happen to be having a terrible season — Live Nation wants to ensure there's fun to be had at the new development surrounding SunTrust Park. Yesterday, the Braves announced that a live-performance theater will open with the mixed-use development already slated to include Comcast offices and an Omni hotel. Branded as the Roxy, the theater will hold up to 4,000 concert-goers, officials said, and will host 40 shows a year — "mostly" not on game days.

In naming the theater Roxy, Live Nation is shoring up the venue's reputation on a storied Atlanta past. Originally, the Roxy Theater in Atlanta was located on Peachtree Street in the heart of downtown. Opened in 1926 next to the flagship Davison's store at 200 Peachtree, it was demolished in 1972 to make way for John Portman's landmark Westin hotel tower. In the mid-1990s, the name was reincarnated at the Buckhead Theater until it underwent renovations in 2010.

So are the Braves feverishly trying to make the development seem more urban by invoking the name of a historic Atlanta theater? Or is it the sort of nostalgia that a new development like this needs?

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