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Cratered Formwork Mess at Three Alliance Center Lingers

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[The crater's still there. Photos: Curbed]
[The crater's still there. Photos: Curbed]

Last week an eagle-eyed Redditor posted a photo of a minor construction mishap at Three Alliance Center. Everyone loves a little schadenfreude, so we headed over to check out how clean-up was progressing (and ogle at the damage). From the looks of it, temporary wood formwork for the ground floor of the building — meant to be removed once the concrete has set — collapsed into a parking deck below, treating a few vehicles to a concrete paint job. As of mid-week, the mangled rebar was still hanging around waiting to be repaired before the re-pouring could commence. It's a rocky start, but the finished product could be one of Atlanta's most dazzling towers in years.

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