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Inman Park Manse by Famed Local Architect Asks $1.7M

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The upper-tier listings of Atlanta have been chockfull of bold claims lately, and phrases like "one of Inman Park's premiere properties," which is where the agent goes here, certainly catapults this listing into that category. But given the pedigree of this painstakingly renovated, turn-of-the-century treasure, the description could be appropriate. Designed by Neel Reid, arguably Atlanta's best-known residential architect, this place spans 4,259 square feet at the cusp of Springvale Park, a little green oasis. It was built in 1911 but doesn't look a day older than — well, it looks like a centenarian dressed in modern conveniences that don't skew too far from classical warmth. The main house (yes, there's an ancillary house) has five bedrooms and three and ½ bathrooms, plenty of glorious fireplaces, exposed beams and doors that look very heavy, all opening up to a lush backyard. The pool-house area has a vaguely early-'90s feel, pumped up by the presence of a glass-bock wall in one bathroom. But that could be a minor quibble for a well-heeled history buff (the asking price: $1.7 million) who seeks beaucoup living space in a primo location.

· 140 Waverly Way NE [Estately]