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Could Minimalist Manse Convert Cobb's Staunchest Haters?

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Don't let the traditional exterior fool you: This 17-room Marietta mansion has enough minimalist panache and upscale flourishes to fill a mid-rise Buckhead loft building. The listing stresses the distance from here (Riverside Park Estates) to Buckhead (10 miles) and Chastain Park (seven miles), which begs the question: Does this arctic palace have what it takes to lure devout intowners to Cobb? After all, seven-bedroom Goliaths with 7,400 square feet aren't all that prevalent ITP. A few highlights: There's a full-fledged home gym and what looks like a basketball/racquetball court. The marble-rich master bathroom has dual rainfall showers. The laundry/mud-room combo could moonlight as a top-flight kitchen with a locker room attached. Drawbacks (beyond location): The terrace-level kitchen is so sparse, modern and steely it looks clinical. The property was initially listed in March, delisted earlier this month and now thrust back upon the market, holding firm all the while at $3.5 million.

· 43 Sherwood Lane SE []