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En Route to Cooperstown, John Smoltz Unveils Atlanta Digs

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Atlanta Braves legend and broadcaster John Smoltz is set to be immortalized in Cooperstown this weekend, but first he's staring in a YouTube video that provides a glimpse into his latest metro Atlanta digs. The video tour of Smoltzie's crib is part of a 14-week series compiled by Coldwell Banker that offers behind-the-scenes peeks at baseball stars' houses. It never specifies where the house is exactly, but Smoltz provides his logic for loving the place, which looks like a brick-built Tudor on PEDs: It's big enough to host all of Smoltz's extended family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, he says, and includes a nine-tee golf course in the yard. "If I'm not on a tractor or lawnmower," Smoltz divulges, "I like being in the theater," where the door handles are made of baseball bats inscribed with some random player's name. Judging by the video, Smoltz's current domicile is way more humble than the monstrous, 18,000-square-foot Alpharetta mansion he used to live in, which was listed in 2012 for more than $7 million.

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