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'Assembly' Lot Sale Hints that Auto Heritage will Persist

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When the transformation of the former General Motors plant in Doraville was first announced, it caused a pretty big stir on the northeast side of town. With 160+ acres of ex-industrial space being turned into a mixed-use mecca (eventually anchored by a movie studio and offices), it seemed likely the area around the plant, long dominated by car dealerships and other similarly attractive uses, may be turning a corner. But the recent sale of 20 acres of the old GM site to a company that owns car dealerships throughout the country, as reported by the Brookhaven Post, indicates that the future could be a little more status quo than many had expected. One Doraville city councilwoman called the sale a "disappointment."

In a strange coincidence, after the land sale to Asbury Automotive, Inc. became public, developer Integral Group released a well-timed press release that details progress made on the development thus far. Accomplishments include the 130,000-square-foot planned development for Third Rail Studios, completion of a large amount of demolition and the recent sale of a 20-acre outparcel. But with loads of land left to sell, and zoning allowing for more than 10 million square feet of development up to 30 stories tall, there's still plenty of things to come. Let's just hope it's not more car dealerships.

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