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Visual Proof: Greenspaces Can Spur Vibrant Communities

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A spellbinding photo that's all the rage on Instagram right now shows how a veritable mini-city has sprung up around Historic Fourth Ward Park in recent years. Anyone who's called Atlanta home since about 2008 or longer might recall this area as the post-industrial hellhole it used to be, but this drone pic by Richard Cawood at 2ndlightphotography — a "British chap living in Atlanta" — proves that weedy parking lots and moribund buildings are things of the past. The three-phase park opened alongside the Beltline in 2011, and while a few newer apartment buildings like AMLI Old Fourth Ward preceded it, a veritable wave of new projects has followed, with more to come. Including the 259 new flats at Ponce City Market, another 250 or so apartments by North American Properties at the park's southeast edge, and another 268 units by JLB Partners planned for Ralph McGill Boulevard a block away, it's safe to say the park (and its counterpart, the Eastside Trail) have helped spur roughly 2,000 new residences in the last few years.