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Peachtree Penthouse has Customized Stairs, Virtual Furniture

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Featuring what has got to be one of the zaniest custom staircases in Atlanta, a penthouse in Metropolis on Peachtree Street has hit the market. Beyond the rib-like staircase that features prominently in the view from the double-height living space, the bathrooms have tile floors that meld into the walls and vanities, lending an almost Gaudi-esque experience. Down in the kitchen, the white walls and black floor and ceiling gives the sense of living inside an Oreo. Despite the quirks, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit offers solid views across the city and plenty of space at 1,855 square feet. And with soaring window walls and a laundry room inside the master closet, the unit probably qualifies as luxe. Look past the Photo-Shopped furniture and all the glory can be yours for $759,000.

· 943 Peachtree St, Unit 2010 [Zillow]