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'Stop Calling!' Pleads Contractor at Puppetry Arts Center

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[All images courtesy New South Construction.]

The expansion of the Center for Puppetry Arts on Spring Street is just a few months from being finished, and with construction wrapping up, passersby are taking a lot of interest in the building. Perhaps a little too much. Rob Dunn, Executive Vice President at New South Construction, has been flooded with phone calls reporting that the facility's windows have been installed crooked. While Dunn says the support is appreciated, armchair architects can rest assured the windows are supposed to be that way, as shown in the plans released last year. So hats off to Atlantans for caring, but for the sake of contractor time and sanity, they'd like to request that you please stop calling.

Not just one, but two new structures are rising to provide extra exhibit space and a new gift shop for the center. The gift shop, adjacent to the main entrance, faces The Connector, while the new museum space prominently fronts Spring Street. In addition to these two new buildings, the existing structures are undergoing renovations. All the construction is phased to allow the center to remain open throughout the entire process.

The beefed-up gift shop will open in a few weeks, while a ribbon cutting for the addition to house Kermit and his friends is scheduled for mid-November. In the next few weeks, look for painting to start on the building. And yes, it really is supposed to be vivid chartreuse, so no need to call about that either.

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