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150-Year-Old Ormewood Oaks Axed; Police Respond

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Atlanta's famed urban forest recently lost five grand trees on an Ormewood Park lot slated for new houses, and some say the tumbling timber suggests treachery by builders and is indicative of a larger problem. According to 11 Alive, Intown Renewal Developers face "heavy, heavy fines" from the city for cutting down three poplars and two oaks — estimated to be 150 years old — without permits. A neighbor eulogized one of the felled trees to Curbed, saying, "This tree has been here ever since I moved to Ormewood and is a symbol of what makes the neighborhood feel less like an urban (or suburban) city and more like a forested community. Having trees removed and laws broken breaks the bonds we have with the land and with each other."
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