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Homeownership in Reach of ATL Millennials Who Want It

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Unlike other markets (especially on the West Coast), Atlanta's ballooning home prices and limited stock haven't booted house-hunting millennials outside the city just yet, according to a study by Bloomberg L.P. broken down by Atlanta Agent Magazine. The Bloomberg data crunchers calculated how much millennials would have to earn per year to afford owning in each of the country's 50 priciest markets, and Atlanta landed near the bottom (read: most affordable) at number 37, between Houston and far-less-sexy Oklahoma City. According to Bloomberg, Atlanta millennials pull average salaries of $35,970, which puts our median home value ($156,175) relatively within reach. Contrast that to markets like San Jose and Los Angeles, where the average millennial isn't earning half of what they'd need to afford a house. One thing the study doesn't show: getting married to people with jobs brings houses and condos drastically closer to affordability.