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Could Stellar, Faux-Historic House Lure You (Barely) OTP?

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Resembling the flat-faced commercial districts of Georgia railroad towns, this classic brick residence in historic Norcross raises the age-old question: What'll it take to get intown buyers to cross the unofficial force-field of cool that is Interstate 285? Stop your harrumphing and consider: This home's location is about three miles OTP, a couple of blocks south of Norcross' historic district, putting its boutiques, hip coffee shop and Scoutmob-featured eateries within walking distance. For $515,000, it offers more than 3,100 square feet, two outdoor seating areas and a three-car garage. (Substantially smaller properties with similar styles in Glenwood Park, for instance, were priced considerably higher ... last year.) Classic touches (Graber plantation shutters) blend with modern conveniences (stainless range hood) throughout the house, though it could lose a few style points for the frame-heavy master shower and tub with golden claws. Records show it was built in 2007 and finally sold (for the first and last time) two years later for $410,000. The $205 HOA fees could be a sticking point, but they grant access to a communal pool with cabanas and include lawn services. So what say you, intown buyers: Does all of this equate to sufficient OTP bait, or are you still like, "No thanks?"

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