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Midcentury Sprawler in Buckhead is Striving for $895K

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Look beyond the lounging yellow Labrador in the listing photos to find a cozy 1965 property in Buckhead that's more massive than the exterior suggests. Described by the listing agent as "chic," this place leans a little more traditional that midcentury-modern purists would probably prefer, but the kicker is a stone patio out back that could shame a ski lodge. This $895,000 listing is buried in the mature verdure of big-money Buckead, not far from attractions like Memorial Park and high-performing schools. It's about a closet shy of 4,000 square feet but offers just four bedrooms and three bathrooms, what you might expect from a significantly smaller house. And if Zillow is correct, this place just sold for $750,000 in May. If major upgrades have happened in the last few months — something that would help justify a $145,000 price bump — the listing makes no mention of them. Or maybe there's just some serious inflation going on around here.

· 3047 Arden Road NW [Estately]