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Orpheus Interview; Top Chef Shuffle; Essential Sushi

All the latest dining and nightlife news from Eater Atlanta.

MORNINGSIDEOrpheus Brewing has become one of Atlanta's top purveyors of craft beers, specializing in sours when many others focus on hoppy ales. In this interview, founder Jason Pellett explains why he loves the style, how he got his start in brewing, and what the future holds for Orpheus.

MIDTOWN — Wesley True, who came to Atlanta from a previous gig in Montgomery, Ala., is out as executive chef at The Spence. Exact details on the split aren't available, but PR for the restaurant's parent company said, "We were huge fans and very supportive of Wesley from day one but, unfortunately, we did not get the same in return." This development will make for an awkward scene when True represents The Spence and Atlanta on the forthcoming season of Top Chef.

CITYWIDE — Fans of raw fish, pay attention. We've mapped 10 of Atlanta's essential sushi restaurants, covering the entire city. The next time you're looking to satisfy a craving, consult this guide.