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Castleberry Hill Condo Features 3 Floors of 1990s-ness

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With bright red walls, blue glass kitchen counters, the yellow couch from Chandler's apartment and a whacky metal spiral staircase, a massive loft in Castleberry Hill offers a time-warpy experience to the neighborhood's grunge days. Among distinctive features are the bathroom vanities that look like they were purchased from a commercial kitchen supplier, a creepy eight-foot-tall metal man in the corner of the family room and what can only be described as an indoor deck above the kitchen. Featuring two bedrooms, two bathrooms, stellar views of downtown and the ability to open garage doors to unite the living space with the outdoors — think Rio Bravo — there are some major pluses to the unit. And for $550,000, there's a whopping 2,500 square feet of space, too. But in all likelihood, there's a lot of redecorating to be done. Despite the need for a makeover, with walkability to downtown and the growing assortment of restaurants in the neighborhood, this could be a great opportunity to snag unique space in a unique place.

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