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Worried Renters of Atlanta: Let Your Voices be Heard!

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Renting in Atlanta has become de rigueur in recent years, but the lifestyle isn't all pool cabanas and concierge smiles. It can entail nasty surprises, like outrageous rent hikes and newfangled fees. One recent study pegged Atlanta's year-over-year rent inflation at 7 percent — or triple the national average. Average rents in Sandy Springs have jumped 11 percent since last year, and the average two-bedroom unit in Buckhead Village requires more than $2,600 monthly. For renters, the data and anecdotes can sound frightening, but we want to hear what it's really like out there, across the city. Have rent spikes forced you to move? Is your greedy/business savvy landlord selling your rental house out from under you? Are new fees driving you up the wall? Well, here's your chance to vent ... and maybe hear from kindred renter souls who are navigating Atlanta's capricious seas with you.

Beginning right now, we'll be collecting gripes, grievances and groans from Atlanta renters who are having a tough go of things. The goal is to provide real human voices to what's happening in the city's rental market for a post (or series of posts) on Curbed Atlanta next week.

Want your voice to be heard? Just follow a few simple rules:

1. Anonymity is no problem. Just please provide your initials, at least.

2. Keep emails to 150 words or less. That's about the length of the opening paragraph on this post.

3. Please don't rant about rats, roaches or crappy neighbors. Unless it's hilarious.

4. Hell, feel free to rant about whatever, so long as it pertains to renting.

5. To submit an email, simply click on the tipline right here.

6. IMPORTANT: In your email, use the subject line: ATLANTA RENTER WOES

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