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Score This Charming 95-Year-Old West End Bungalow for $215K

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This three-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow's $215,000 price tag is on the higher end of asking prices in this neighborhood right now, but our crystal ball (which is, admittedly, just a glass eye we found rolling down Ponce) says that'll look like a bargain in two years. The Beltline's Westside Trail is charging ahead and is expected to be finished by then, so if you're looking for affordable Beltline living, the time to hesitate is through. The 1,938-square-foot home is just a few blocks from the Westside trail, the MARTA station and cool neighborhood features like the Wren's Nest. The hardwoods, four fireplaces, pocket doors and wide center hall are all original to the circa-1920 house. Some of the finishes are not exactly high-end and the gated back yard has as much mud as grass, but have you seen what you get in some other areas of town for $215,000? The newly listed home was last sold in 2001 for $250,000.

· 939 Oglethorpe Avenue [Zillow]