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Plumber's Butts, The World's Worst Gym and Other Awful Pics

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Fisheye lenses: Not ideal for real estate photography. 250 Pharr Road

Our homes are among the biggest investments we'll make in our lifetimes. That's why the utter indifference displayed in some listing photos is so bewildering. Just how apathetic about the sale of your home do you have to be to feature an out-of-focus image of an unmade bed or your plumber's butt crack? These photos give you that uncomfortable feeling you get when you drive up next to someone in traffic who is picking their nose with reckless abandon or accidentally see someone flossing their teeth through a window.

↑ If there's one thing you won't have to worry about in this four-bedroom, three-story house in Grant Park, it's plumbing problems. This guy is on the case as we speak. Maybe he'll even replace that light bulb when he's done with the toilet. For $375,000, that doesn't seem too much to ask.

↑ This four-bedroom, $268,900 house raises two questions: 1. What are we looking at in that top photo? Is that a photo taken of a photo using a flash or an angel coming to visit? 2. Who on earth would spend time sitting in that office chair in the world's least motivating exercise room? We get it: Sometimes space is tight and you've got to work out where you can, but the bookshelf and office chair imply that someone chooses to just hang out up there. Let's be honest, that's a very serial killer thing to do.

↑ We would never mock someone else's misfortune, and the fire that destroyed this property was obviously tragic, but it's a little tough not to savor the optimism inherent in the "HANDYMAN Needed" portion of the listing.

↑ Look, it's entirely possible that the photos of this East Point home are fantastic and that we've just misplaced our 3D glasses.