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And Now, 20 Out-of-Context Quotes from Atlanta Yelp Reviews

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You've seen sad celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves and chefs scoffing at over-the-top bad reviews. Now it's Atlanta's turn. From big roaches and clever panhandlers to "overly sexual couples" and odd restaurant seasonings, here are some out-of-context gems from actual Yelp reviews of our city.

"Even in Atlanta (Metro) there are areas that are overgrown with trees - where people live. Sometimes you can't even tell someone is living there - is that a person... or a bear?"

"[Piedmont Park has] Terrible overly sexual couples"

"Even Sherman tried to help Atlanta with its piss-poor road planning, but alas, he burned in vain and the roads are still tiny and crooked."

"Besides the few attractions and mediocre restaurants there is nothing there. There are lots of clever panhandlers, though."

"Walking around at night is like taking your life in your hands. There are barely any people walking anywhere - the few you see, especially near Mid-Town - are most likely insane or criminal. ... The streets don't have much but bums and really big roaches..."

"...the restaurants are clean - but the food is not great; its like some odd season is being sprinkled on everything. I have found only 3 places that have decent burgers."

"Atlanta needs to rip up its current street system and start over with a 90-degree angle grid that's navigable."

"…unless you were in a fraternity or sorority at an SEC school, you may struggle to find conversation."

"Atlanta is a miserable city with not a single trace of charm or even history surviving."

"Weather (4 stars): This is all Atlanta has going for it, as long as you like heat and humidity, which I do."'

"I love Atlanta. In my opinion, the only things the city needs to work on are architecture, public transportation, and historic preservation."

Let's end on a more positive note...

"A crazy combination of humbleness and cockiness; beauty and filth; intelligence and ignorance; inclusive of everyone while being occasionally exclusive."

"As an SF native, most would question my sanity when I talk about how much I actually love it here. There are cool things happening in this city; it takes some sleuthing to find the gold vein in the craggy rock."

"It's my personal opinion that Atlanta has one of the best skylines in the nation. Yep I said it."

"Atlanta has been amazing, sad, fun, drunk, warm, cold, heartbreaking, musical, hilarious, social (among other things) to me..."

"Now, [Piedmont Park is] so clean that I don't have to wear Doc Martens to walk around because I feel semi-confident that I won't step on a needle here anymore."

"Having moved here from Los Angeles, I am still getting used to 'regular' folks being nice throughout the day..."

"You can't be bored in Atlanta unless you do not understand how to use the internet or have very specific interests."

"Atlanta is the nerve center of the United States's southeastern quadrant. As a Westerner, I had the opportunity to live there. I was impressed."

"You're more than an airport, you're more than the Braves. You're more than Coke and The Home Depot. You're more than traffic and pollen and being too busy to hate. For now and for the foreseeable future, you're home."

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