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Sweet Bungalow in Heart of EAV is Price-Slice Central

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This 1935 bungalow a few wobbles from the East Atlanta Village got hit — hard — with the cute stick. With strategic flower arrangements, pillows galore and generally smart staging, it's got more cute than a daycare puppy parade. But it's also price-chop central. A brief history: It sold for $150,000 in March, underwent a makeover, and then came out last month as a modernized three-bedroom, swinging for the fences with an initial list price of $379,000. And then it underwent two price-chops totaling $40,000 within about a week (motivation alert!). Bonuses include an elevated slate patio out back, a wine cellar (of all things), the not-too-cramped 1,375 square feet and, surprisingly, a two-car garage. On the flipside, the fenced auto lot next door won't exactly win any hearts. And it appears that at least one fireplace is awkwardly getting fresh with a wall.

· 486 Haas Ave. SE [Zillow]