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Despite Midcentury Quirk, Historic Ansley Park Home Lingers

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Historic Ansley Park homes are a proverbial dime a dozen, which is not to suggest they're cheap or lame. Hardly. But if you're not a fan of historic character and want to live on Midtown's doorstep, your options can be somewhat limited. For lovers of midcentury-modern chutzpah in an unlikely setting, here's a unique opportunity to buy a 1920s mansion that underwent a massive 1968 overhaul by noted Atlanta modernist Henri Jova of Jova/Daniels/Busby. For some reason, no one has jumped on it in almost six months. There's little beyond the exposed basement stone walls to suggest the home's original vintage, so all the customized flair may be a little much for some buyers to handle. Downstairs, doors cover the ceiling, and there's a crazy brick sofa that rises out of the basement floor. But does the phenomenal view of Midtown from the spacious backyard atone for such quirks? First listed back in March, the home was put under contract for the ask of $3.5 million in June. That sale fell through, and despite a 10 percent reduction in price last month, this piece of Ansley history is still for sale.

· 212 15th St [Zillow]