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Homeless Shelter: We are NOT a Cesspool of Disease

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The ever-controversial Peachtree-Pine Homeless Shelter is firing back after Atlanta's mayor — citing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention intel — called the facility one of the nation's top breeding grounds for tuberculosis this week. Speaking with WABE, Steven Hall, an attorney for the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, said the shelter has been in compliance with CDC guidelines after a recent TB outbreak — and even received a perfect score during a county health inspection last month. Mayor Kasim Reed applauded the shelter's recent compliance efforts but countered that the 500-bed refuge has been a health concern on "national crisis" levels for two decades. Still, Hizzoner told WABE he hopes to work in concert with the shelter as plans move forward to boot it, build a replacement shelter elsewhere and erect a fire station on the prime corner lot.