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Nifty 1920 Renovation in Inman Park Costs $489,000

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Virgil Street in Inman Park is loaded with housing styles (the Key West, for instance) that are unconventional in Atlanta, and this recently revived 1920 property — a sort of double-decker shotgun cottage, if you will — is no exception. What it might lack in sheer space (1,500 square feet) and rooms (two bedrooms, two bathrooms) it compensates with location, boasting a "Very Walkable" Walk Score of 86 that could improve sooner than later. It comes with new hardwoods throughout, a new kitchen and master bathroom — and a $489,000 price tag. At that $326-per-square-foot price point, this could be a contender for someone who's underwhelmed with the stock of similarly sized condos in, say, Midtown. The mildly spooky basement looks like raw potential, as does the underwhelming backyard. Records indicate this house hasn't changed hands since 1984 — when it went for a scant $39,000.

· 824 Virgil St. [Estately]