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Events Facility Project Provides Glimpse into Buckhead Past

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An eagle-eyed reader sends this photo that provides an intriguing (if random) glimpse into Buckhead's past, a time when Chryslers and Plymouths were sold on Piedmont Road like Jaguars and Mercedes-Benzes are today. Next door to Bone's steakhouse, the sign for Buckhead Chrysler Plymouth has reappeared as the former dealership (most recently an antique showroom that some had considered an eyesore) is transformed into an events facility called "Flourish." The company behind the transformation, Legendary Events, flipped the former Anthony's restaurant across the street into another events venue three years ago called 3109 Piedmont Estate and Gardens. Earlier this year, a Buckhead Development Review Committee lauded the current project for "its extremely creative adaptive reuse." It leaves only 1,576 more abandoned car dealerships (give or take) awaiting new life in metro Atlanta.