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Gwinnett to Embrace Talking as Possible Traffic Solution

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Chuck Warbington has the sort of daily commute that would give intown walkability zealots night-sweats: an hour to work each way, without ever leaving Gwinnett County. But Warbington, the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District's executive director, sees hope on the horizon in the form of a grassroots campaign to discuss — and possibly reduce — the county's horrendous, life-altering traffic, WABE reports. This month, county leaders kicked off a campaign called the Great (GR8) Exchange on Transportation, which will aim to host 50,000 (!) conversations with Gwinnett residents and communities next week alone. The topic du jour: traffic problems and possible solutions. It should be interesting to see if the scariness of mass transit is finally wearing off for the majority of Gwinnettians, as some studies have suggested.