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Official: Oakhurst Porch Party Idea has 'Crazy' Support

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Call it Porch-a-Palooza. Or Oakstock. Or a Lionel Richie video in the making. But what started as a novel idea last week in Oakhurst is showing signs of becoming a full-blown musical phenomenon for one Sunday afternoon this fall. Scheduled for 2 to 6 p.m. on Oct. 18, the inaugural Oakhurst Porchfest is billed as a free, grassroots community music festival where "front porches will become stages, yards will become venues, and everyone will be reminded just how much fun Oakhurst can be." In less than a week, 35 porch owners and a couple of dozen bands have already signed on, Decatur Metro reports. One organizer, dubbed the porchfester-in-chief, described the reaction as "crazy" so far. "Our only wish going into this was to somehow get the neighborhood — both long-timers and newcomers — out and about, getting to know one another, and just having a fun afternoon of music," Scott Doyon told the website. "But the response has been so great, who knows what this will turn into?"