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Tower Flip Offers Workaholics Chance to Live at 'The Office'

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The development team behind Krog Street Market and the ongoing Atlanta Dairies adaptive-reuse project is bucking the trend when it comes to naming new residential properties (simply and blandly) after their addresses. Paces Properties bought the foreclosed former offices of SunTrust Banks at 250 Piedmont Ave. last year for a fire-sale price. Now, following an extensive flip into apartments, the tower has been rechristened "The Office," Paces officials have confirmed. The tower has one and two-bedroom units and should begin leasing any day now, offering what officials have said are downtown's first new apartments (non-student) in more than 20 years. Paces leaders haven't been available the last few days to expound on their logic behind "The Office" name, but since inquiring minds really want to know, we'll provide an update if it comes.