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Latest Poll: Beltline Slips to 7th Most Amazing Urban Trail

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This might sound a little glass-half-empty, but for the second time this year, a ranking of America's greatest urban trails has slotted the Atlanta Beltline in the middle of the pack (of the top 10). Combining input from a panel of travel and outdoor recreation experts with reader votes, USA Today pegged the Beltline as the No. 7 "Best Urban Trail," behind the champion, Philadelphia's Schuylkill River Trail, and (again) that dang bikeway in Greenville, S.C., among others. (And let's be honest: Chicago's lakefront trail got short shrift here). This comes after the tourism gurus at Fodor's slotted the Beltline as the country's fifth best city bike path in May. The competition is fierce (especially in Philly, with a planned 120 miles of linked trails), but there's no reason why a completed, fully circular Beltline couldn't reign supreme on such lists one day.
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