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This Midtown 'Oasis' is Struggling for Buyers at $895K

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This 1930 Craftsman four blocks from Piedmont Park has morphed into a uniquely configured horticulturalist's dream, but that hasn't been enough to justify the asking price thus far. Aptly described as a lush, private, even "magical" oasis in the heart of the city, the three-bedroom Zen compound was expanded by "renowned architect William Tunnel" (as in this Scottish firm?), according to the listing agent. It's all leaves, koi ponds, weepy trees and, ostensibly, abundant oxygen. Still, a price like $895,000 is a tall order, despite the location and a $55,000 price-chop in July, about a month after it was listed. That number might be tough to swallow for buyers who aren't turned on by track lighting, mauve walls, wildly geometric cathedral ceilings and molding in peculiar places. The property does offer a carriage house and nearly as many garages (two) as bathrooms (two and ½). One compelling aspect is that every room has a view of the central oasis, which could help soothe the most troubling track-lighting concerns.

· 821 Penn Ave. NE [Estately]