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Tsunami of 2,400 Inner-Suburb Apartments Spurs Concern

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There are 2,400 apartments slated for development along four miles of Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. (Let that sink in for a minute.) Concentrated between the city's border with Buckhead and Abernathy Road, just outside the Perimeter, the broad-scale redevelopment of older apartments and aging shopping centers into luxury mixed-use communities is dividing locals. According to an article by Reporter Newspapers, it's not just millennials who are driving the development, but many Baby Boomers pondering renting as a means of downsizing after they retire. And together, the young and old generations may just change the face of inner-suburban Atlanta.

Representative of a larger trend across the metro, the Roswell Road example has not been without pushback from the community. The newspaper points out that many residents of the new cities just to the north of Atlanta voted to become cities in the first place to stop the growth of apartments in areas that used to be suburbs dominated by single-family homes. Many residents of those single-family homes are upset by the perceived strain on infrastructure brought by new density. And even the mayor of Sandy Springs, Rusty Paul, admits that things should be taken slowly, as the city participates in the apartment-building craze with their new city center project.

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