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Who's Ready to Live in this Chic O4W Salon on Beltline?

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Real Estate 101 says renovation costs are going to be serious when the living space has more break rooms (one) than bedrooms (zero). Another key axiom is that location rules, and this industrial loft at Studioplex — a 1925 factory conversion on the Beltline — has location nailed, as evidenced by the impeccable 91 Walk Score. The agent swears this is the largest Studioplex unit (1,686 square feet) to hit the market in years, and the build-out is certainly pretty, but it's a little salon-y as is. For starters, it offers a half bathroom, a pseudo kitchen and about 27 sinks — but no place to cleanse your body. Before its life as Lux Studio, this was apparently a residential loft at one time, and its zoning still allows for that (or commercial use). But with a dearth of authentic lofts in this volcanic area, it's quite possible someone will see this $399,000 listing (plus $344 HOA fees) as home. The key question: Are the curtains, elaborate wall sconces, swivel chairs and bottles upon bottles of hair product included? Doubtful.

· 659 Auburn Ave. NE [Redfin]