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Report: Atlanta is Country's 14th Priciest Rental Market

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The apartment-listing hub Zumper has pegged "red hot" Atlanta as the country's 14th most expensive rental market, after citywide rents have climbed a staggering 13.6 percent since July last year. Zumper's August National Rent Report says rents are increasing faster in Atlanta than all but five other cities in the country, which is music to the ears of landlords — and ice picks to the ears of renters. Some other (questionable) revelations from the report: 1. The South Tuxedo Park neighborhood actually has one-bedroom apartments. 2. The average one-bedroom unit in Loring Heights (near Atlantic Station) costs $900 monthly, which is the same as Bankhead. 3. Smaller Cabbagetown apartments, on average, are now $40 more expensive than Inman Park.
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