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Death of Varsity Jr. Marks the End of Era on Lindbergh

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It's been a few years since the last "What'll ya have?!" was shouted at patrons of the Varsity Jr. on Lindbergh Drive. The former eatery that doled out FOs, chili dogs and artery-clogging onion rings for 45 years was torn down this week in preparation for another "mixed use storage facility" concept. Plans indicate that 10,000 square feet of the four-story building will be devoted to retail space, which could help lessen the inherent yawn factor of any storage place.

Located at the corner of Lindbergh Drive and Cheshire Bridge Road, the lot is just one of many slated for redevelopment in the area. Cheshire Bridge is undergoing a major transformation as strip clubs and old homes occupy land that's increasingly coveted by developers. While some are sad to see the once-seedy street transform, others are elated to watch the connection between Buckhead and Midtown strengthen. But there's no denying that a bit of uniquely Atlanta history was wiped clean with the razing of this place.

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