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One Home Remains at Semi-Detached Grant Park Cluster

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[One completed home. All images via ATL Native.]
[One completed home. All images via ATL Native.]

When it comes to residential infill, clean-lined moderns are all the rage right now across Atlanta. In Grant Park, Epic Development is in the process of finishing six semi-detached homes a block away from the future Beltline. Billed as Parkside Overlook, the semi-complete development incorporates Prairie elements while leaning more modern than some other Epic projects, like the Old Fourth Ward's Water Tower Stacks. Buyers must be digging the designs because, according to the firm's website, only one home remains.

An informed, eagle-eyed neighbor reports that two of the Berne Street homes, once listed in the mid-$400,000s, have been occupied. Construction is also wrapping on homes facing Mercer Street. Meanwhile, the one unit still listed for sale — 640 Marion St. for $369,900 — is part of a duplex that has yet to start construction. Despite the delay in delivery of the last two units, the sale of five indicates a demand for new and different product in the neighborhood.

And this might be a rare case of the finished product looking better than the initial renderings had threatened.

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