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Midtown Condos are Touting Borderline Magical Elevators

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One Museum Place — a boutique midrise in Midtown and one of Atlanta's few new condo buildings in recent memory — is releasing a second helping of high-priced units after selling out the first. Could recent ads that promise "Your Private Elevator Awaits," coupled with the city's severe condo drought, be driving sales? Maybe. For clarity on this private-elevator concept, developer John Wieland took to his blog recently and explained ...

Writes Wieland: "One (luxury feature) is our six direct service elevators. No more than 10 homes will use the same elevator, and in some cases it will just be four homes. In no case will you actually share an elevator. When you call your elevator, or send the elevator to pick up a guest on the Peachtree level, it will do just that and not stop for other calls until the passengers are delivered to the proper floor (directly into the condo's foyer). Then it will answer the next call in sequence."

Three takeaways from that: 1. Elevator fights between unfriendly dogs — the worst! — shouldn't be an issue. 2. Introverts will be in heaven. 3. High-profile guests will slip away unbothered.

The 44 OMP condos range from 1,700 to 5,000 square feet, with prices from $900,000 to more than $3 million.

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