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Skateboarding Miscreants are Wreaking Havoc in Buckhead!

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Less than six months since its unveiling, the revamped Charlie Loudermilk Park had blossomed into a centrally located respite of greenery for Buckhead dwellers who like to toss Frisbees, nosh on foodstuffs and have long productive chats on the lawn. And then the good-for-nothing, inconsiderate, four-wheeled ne'er-do-wells known as skateboarders had to wreck everything (probably smoking cigarettes, too). Buckhead Community Improvement District officials report that skateboarders have already damaged the park, which was rebuilt by the CID, with Loudermilk himself chipping in more than $1 million, BuckheadView reports. The extent of the skater-caused damaged wasn't divulged in a recent meeting, but it's serious enough that neighborhood leaders could partner with Atlanta police to position two Operation Shield cameras on the park. That way, police could monitor park activities 24 hours a day.