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Comments of the Week (Rah-Rah Ideas Edition)

This week's post "That Park Over Ga. 400 Could be This Awesome" has brought out the finest in inspired commentary, proving that nothing gets Atlantans motivated like being shown up by a competing city. Dallas built a lovely park atop an unsightly freeway and is reaping the fruits of doing so. So why, readers ask, can't we?

"Cap like 75 percent of The Connector and this part of (Ga. Highway) 400. Maybe even the part over Freedom Parkway near Jackson Street. This would change the landscape of Atlanta drastically and tax income over 30 years would most likely easily offset the cost. Take a lesson from Shia LaBeouf and Just Do It," — commenter ITgiraffe channels LaBeoufian can-do spirit.

"Let's get Buckhead done first to show skeptics it can work. Then leverage momentum to build a campaign for capping The Connector from 14th (Street) to Courtland/Ralph McGill (Boulevard). Take a look at an aerial view of the city, it's possible. Would completely transform downtown and Midtown's potential for sustainable, livable development and make ATL a world-class city," — commenter Wesley C.