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Cobb Admits that Cumberland Traffic is Really Going to Suck

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In an episode befitting The Onion, the head honcho of Cobb's transportation department issued an apology to residents and business owners in the Cumberland area ahead of what he predicts to be a two-year traffic nightmare as the area trudges ahead with preparations for SunTrust Park. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that the remarks, made to a Cumberland Community Improvement District meeting last week, weren't sugar-coated. "Anybody who has to travel on Windy Hill (Road), I'm sorry," said Jim Wilgus, who added that there really didn't seem to be any way to avoid the mess.

But to Cobbsters who are going to be affected by the construction (which is everyone), the admission is probably little consolation for the hours that will inevitably be lost in traffic. While some projects involve the building of SunTrust Park, others had been planned prior to the announcement of the Braves' move. Apparently coordination and traffic studies aren't really a big deal in Cobb County.

One of the largest, most disruptive projects is the reconfiguration of the intersection at Cumberland Parkway and Cumberland Boulevard, which will be funded by SPLOST money. Additionally, plans call for the beautification of the Cumberland Boulevard bridge over Interstate 75 — a $1.35 million painted fence with fins — and placement of 105 LED streetlights on Cobb Parkway.

But remember: When stuck in hellacious traffic for the next 18 months, Cobb County government is really, really sorry.

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