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Who's Dropping Big Bucks to Live in O4W These Days?

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All 10 of the luxury townhouses at the new Water Tower Stacks project have already been scooped up for prices ranging from half a mill to three-quarters of a million bucks. In fact, 90 percent of the four-story homes were under contract the first week. So who, you may ask, is moving into Atlanta's hottest, hippest Beltline-adjacent neighborhood? Internet moguls running startups with no vowels? Independently wealthy hipsters with $3,000 fixie bikes? Successful artists who got rich selling sculptures made from gum and recycled LaCroix cans? Nope. None of the above. According to a press release from builder Epic Development, the Water Tower Stacks' new residents are "a blend of empty nesters and former suburbanites" hailing from places such as Dunwoody, Marietta and Sandy Springs.

Residents of the new development — designed by Gamble + Gamble and located about a block west of Krog Street Market — are, according to the release, "excited to enjoy city life" and "excited to be a part of the gentrifying, diverse community." Many of them are Baby Boomers who were drawn in from the suburbs by O4W's walkable lifestyle. Each four-story unit comes with a two-car garage and ranges in size from 2,000 to 3,437 square feet.

Below are testimonials from a couple of new owners, per the release ...

"We are beside ourselves — we are thrilled to move into The Water Tower Stacks," said Bunny L. Currently they live in Sandy Springs in a similar size home to the one they are buying in The Water Tower Stacks ... According to Bunny she has been going in to town to run and walk for years because it's more interesting — there's more to look at. She and her husband, Bob, are excited to they will no longer have a yard with which to keep up with anymore after 37 years in their current home. Like most buyers, she loves the walkable lifestyle offered by this area ...

The walkability is a great amenity to Terry and Mary D., too. Terry and Mary had been in their north east Cobb County home for 28 years and in the area for 40. They have a second home in Florida and are living there until they move into The Water Tower Stacks. Their three grown sons already live in the downtown area. According to the couple, "Cobb is a great place to raise kids, but we wanted to move downtown for the arts, entertainment, walkability and close proximity to the kids. And it's also 45 minutes closer to our home in Florida."

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