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Unassuming 1954 Ranch is Superbly Renovated Inside

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Applying a description like "perfectly renovated," as the listing agent does here, is a bold move, but this 1954 ranch in Kirkwood could probably qualify as the post-flip "After" version of any HGTV project. It's apparent that someone took what could have been a humdrum 1,753-square-foot property and spent time and cash on craftsmanship and materials (see: the fireplaces). About 34 French doors open onto a stylish back deck that overlooks a fire pit and deep yard. Inside, the upscale chef's kitchen, exposed living-room beams and Jacuzzi tub qualify as nonstandard perks. If there's a knock on this three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence, beyond the sheer size, it could be the tucked-away location. It's almost equidistant to the commercial villages of both Kirkwood and Oakhurst, but it's not right next door to either, which helps explain the relatively lackluster Walk Score of 52. But for $399,000, a few blocks in almost every direction, a buyer could do much worse.

· 192 Sisson Avenue NE [Estately]