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$3M Buckhead Manse has Ridiculous Indoor Party Zone

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Like a Hollywood Star who doesn't know when to ixnay the plastic surgery, a newly listed Buckhead mansion with a painfully disjointed facade is pushing the bounds of taste and general sanity. With a gated front parking lot, the 16,800-square-foot home is an imposing presence from the street. But step inside one of three front doors, and you discover a world of swirly railings and marble, crowned by a massive crystal chandelier fit for Liberace. The main floor of the home offers a distinctive indoor-outdoor vibe, with a soaring solarium attached directly to the main space, containing a pool, Jacuzzi and more staircases than the average Holiday Inn. With six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a movie theater and enough parking for Walmart, the home could be the next Real World house, if producers wanted to be ironic/cruel. Filled with eclectic charm and located within walking distance of Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza (and across the street from a cool new park), it'll take a unique buyer (read: rich, 24-year-old athlete) to drop $2.9 million on this party palace.

· 3511 Roxboro Rd [Zillow]

Lenox Square

3393 Peachtree Road Northeast, , GA 30326 (404) 233-6767 Visit Website